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Up for Carbon ? 27.5+ ? 1x Drive ?
Look No Further

We've got the BOH CB+
Headed Your Way

It's become clear, wide hub spacing Boost is the new paradigm for all-around riding. 27.5 by 2.8 to 3.0 tires or 29 by up to 2.4. 
Many riders say it may supplant your need for full suspension for all but the most extreme riding. Possibly a quiver killer.
This is a 2.9 pound frame with all the right stuff. The one pictured is our main test pilot's and he built it up sub 20 lbs. 
He has been riding his frame since the late summer of 2016 . It's durable and well-designed.

The factory we have chosen to make our first foray into carbon with was developing this frame when Jeff visited them in late 2015.
They produce for Giant and Ritchey among others as well as make carbon fiber rocket launching parts.
This frame is not quite the timeless aesthetic of the BOH FX which is our longer-term and ultimate carbon goal so it has very
stealth graphics and we're selling it at $1169 to get the ball rolling although it's easily in the same tier as $2000+ frames.
Additionally, up to 30 riders of this frame can potentially join the BOH FXcb project.

We have a limited small run of these frames available this summer.
Get in contact and send a few friends for details on how to
get on one of these game changers soon.    

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