Mrazek began with a dream. Bohumil (translated " God is Smiling ") Mrazek dreamt of an original bicycle frame design in the late 1980s. What makes Boh truly special, though, is his ability to craft his visions into their amazing reality.

Not being one to follow the system, Boh had actually struck out on his own with a private metal working shop before the 1989 official end of the communist regime in what is now the Czech Republic. Soon thereafter the first BOH FX hit the singletrack. In 1993, at the invite of his English Teacher and Mrazek Co-Founder Drew Thomas, Boh ventured to Portland, Oregon in the U.S. to see what might be possible, considering his numerous talents. It was his one-of-a-kind bicycle design that attracted the greatest attention and led Boh, with inspirational entrepreneur Hank Dobaj at the helm, to establish a small manufacturing facility with his father, Bohumil, back in Vrbno, Czech.

In 1994, via Drew's adventurous & generous Uncle Dave McCarty, Boh also began working with his main partner in the U.S., Jeff Burnard. Jeff had just finished a two year racing stint with Cannondale and jumped at the opportunity to be involved with such a unique project from the onset. Teammate & Co-Founder Alex McClaran played a key role in not only developing the bikes to the fullest, but also keeping a smile on everyone's face with his legendary wit and humor. This is still essentially the Mrazek of today.

Bohumil Mrazek Sr. remains based in Vrbno and has a hand in every single frame around. Boh Jr. returned to Vrbno from Portland in the fall of 2006 and is focused on design as well as gradually taking over the framebuilding process so his father can enjoy a well deserved retirement. Jeff is now back in his wife's hometown of Oita, Japan where their kids are enjoying a second stint in Asia and the singletrack is steep. He continues to focus on R & D, marketing, and customer service, having ace wrench and more, Eric Vickers, assisting in the U.S. along with John & Annette DeMers, the ARC Powdercoating Wizards. We invite you to contact us anytime to talk or type Mrazek.